Modern Wiring Practice Design And Installation Revised Edition

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Modern Wiring Practice Design And Installation Revised Edition


  • Modern wiring practice: We take care of Xi
  • Design of electrical installation systems
  • Adaptation of electrical systems
  • Planning of installation work
  • Safety, Quality, and Continuity of Electricity
  • of the regulation Wiring regulation
  • Iee-Bs
  • Legislation on electricity at work
  • British Standards
  • Low voltage electrical equipment (safety equipment).
  • of the regulation
  • rules for working at a height
  • Occupational health and safety law
  • construction (project management)
  • of the regulation
  • Building Code
  • basic rules
  • Protection of the basic principles of security
  • Basic Design Principles
  • The design process
  • design steps

components of the design process

  • installation design
  • load estimation and maximum demand Design of
  • circuits
  • grounding
  • Other considerations
  • IT project
  • distribution of goods in buildings
  • delivery
  • motherboard
  • final circuit devices
  • Circuit Protection Devices (CPDs)
  • wiring and distribution
  • finals motor circuits Design and Installation of Modern Cabling Practices, Revised Edition
  • A concrete example
  • design criteria
  • The design process
  • selection of equipment
  • Initial size of sub-cable
  • CPD size selection

Select cable type and installation method

  • Voltage drop
  • Possible short-circuit currents
  • case size
  • end circuits
  • kinds of special installations
  • pitches equipped with bath or shower
  • pools and more pools and rooms
  • including sauna
  • Installations on construction and demolition sites
  • agricultural and horticultural businesses
  • Electrical installations in mobile homes, caravans
  • and caravans
  • marinas and similar places
  • Medical Places
  • photovoltaic (PV) power systems.
  • Other special facilities
  • Part II

Practical work

  • Overview of installation methods
  • cable management systems
  • essentials for a good installation job
  • installation methods
  • canal systems
  • Cabling installation overview
  • bolted steel tube system
  • Screw-In Copper Wire Insulated Pipe System
  • cables in chains
  • sliding systems


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